Monday, 7 September 2009

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As someone starting my third year in a creative degree this blog is a light of solidarity ...which is nice.

Central Saint Martins, UAL | Blogs | Degrees unedited | a-n

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Seeing a new band can be like a first date ....

I went to see Papa Roach a week or so ago, and there were 2 support bands. The first I had never heard of (fair enough) so was going to have to judge them on their music. Which would have been fine if they had turned the singers mic on, And when they did, i wished they hadn't bothered.

I think seeing a new band is quite like a first date, first impressions are everything, you will be judged on it for the rest of our time together. So i can forgive that for the first half of a song i couldn't hear you, that's not your fault. however like a first date there are some rules.

1. don't swear at me. - being a gig veteran you would think i would be used to this and being insulted and sworn at by your fave band is all just part and passle of the gig and getting the crowd worked up. However I don't know you. and you haven't got the cred to go straight off the bat and tell me to 'Go Crazy MotherFuckers'.

Lets get this straight just because you are on stage doesn't give you the right to be a cock, if you said this to me at a bar, I would walk away.

2. thrusting your groin at me is also a no go. I'm not particularly well disposed to you anyway, you grinding your hips in my direction has the finesse of a hippo.

3. A gig its a lot about give and take. As the performer, you have to read the mood of the crowd, and I can appreciate trying to work them up and get a good vibe going, but if its not working maybe try to tone it down. Yes i know you spent all night practicing your rock god pose in the mirror but i don't care and you doing it EVERY two seconds makes you look like a plonker.

4. I don't think we should see each other again. You don't have the maturity that I'm looking for, next time I want to play guitar hero, I'll call you.

*UPDATE* Brand New and
Improved with punctuation!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

moving the new blog

ok i've been seduced by wordpress thank you rachel hopefully should have a proper site up soon yeah with my own domain name and everything funsies

check me out

Monday, 30 March 2009

new blog

ok so nobody reds this and is sure not to care, but i'm ok with that
i have a new blog that displays my work as a designer ( go me)

tis a fledgling blog so a bit wobbly on the contents formt, ofthere not being much but hey! it is the for front of the website which will one day come.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

can't sleep

can't sleep again. damnit. its so boring lying in bed looking at the ceiling willing yourself to sleep. bastards. i don't know who but i'm blaming them. this lack of sleep is making me grouchy and sad.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

the sanctity of marriage

yay finally we have no more snow. this is a very good thing as being snowed in ment i couldn't see M and we like M alot! so yeah but its all gone now, and now its just raining.... crap.

anyways back to where i was. today i was reading about peaches geldof and how her six month marriage is at an end. now you may remember peaches from such newspaper's as the sun saying that 'marriage isn't forever'. she married some guy she hadn't known for that long in vegas and now their getting a divorce and peaches already has a new man.

her (surely)very close BFF told the sun "Peaches has been seeing Donald for weeks. She couldn't care less about Max. He needs to move on now that she has got bored of him."


funnily enough i don't agree, shocking i know, but i was thinking about this, my parents have been together for 30 years and married for 25. now that to me is just 'woah!' its something i'm quite proud of actually. becasue that is just such a long time.

in the society we're in now i think i has become too easy for marriage to be a translusent thing. with celebrities constantly divorcing when only a few months before they were the outward picture of happiness. while they may not have been of course when you judge someone only of pictures that you see of them how can you not believe it when you have no other evidence of this.

anyway i digress, i can't quite decide if i feel that peaches is a victem in all of this or if she is just adding to the problem. i'm sure peaches is just as suseptable to the influences of our society as the regular jane as should we pity her rather than vilify her. but either way the exapmle peaches is setting is not a good one, by treating marriage as a casual thing devalues it and all that it stands for.

and this isn't even starting to go into the gay rights sides of the arguement, why should peaches be allowed to throw around something so casually that is denied to so many loving gay couples? i'm been reading some interesting posts on "oh so your a feminist
which are quite interesting especailly the commets section.